Thieves Armed With Axes Swipe Millions In Jewelry From Ritz Paris

Three culprits have been arrested, but two are still on the run after stealing nearly $6 million worth of jewelry from the Ritz Paris hotel.

Robbers wielding axes have managed to make off with jewelry worth millions of dollars after completing a heist in the Ritz-Carlton in Paris. 

According to ABC News, five men gained access to the gallery shopping area in which five shops and nearly 100 display cases are located, all containing luxury watches and jewels. The thieves proceeded to smash jewelry store windows, using their axes to loot the shops. 

Two people, who were inside the stores at the time, alerted the police. Witnesses who were near the scene said that they heard multiple gunshots, but police said that no one was injured during the heist. 

Three of the five men were arrested, but the remaining two thieves are still on the run. So far, none of the gems or items of jewelry, valued at €4.7 million (or more than $5.6 million), have been recovered.

While we should be thankful no one was hurt or killed, let's also hope authorities get the remaining dangerous assailants off the streets. 

Banner / Thumbnail : Flickr, Muslim World

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