Dreamer Attacked After Proving She Does Pay Taxes

The student took to Facebook to prove people like her pay taxes. But when she questioned President Donald Trump for not having published his returns, haters went wild.

Belén Sisa, a junior at Arizona State University and a “Dreamer,” used Facebook to dare President Donald Trump to show his tax forms while showing her own.

The bold step was met with a great deal of support as the post quickly went viral. However, as more people shared and congratulated her on having the courage to put herself out there, others saw an opportunity to attack her.

Under the protection of the DREAM Act, Sisa has a federal work permit and will not be deported. But as a working immigrant, Sisa also has to pay taxes, even though she isn't the recipient of government services.

Last summer, Sisa worked as a page for the Arizona delegation to the Democratic National Convention, serving as an assistant responsible for making sure that the nearly 100 state delegates were organized and their needs were met.

In her original post on social media, Sisa said she was busting the myth that immigrants don't pay taxes, adding that she isn't eligible to receive financial aid from the state or federal government, among other services.

Speaking to local news sources, Sisa said she hoped to “make a statement and educate people.”

“I decided to post it basically to bust the myth that immigrants don’t contribute and they don’t pay taxes to this country,” she added.

Unfortunately for the young undocumented immigrant who was brought as child illegally from Argentina, the post wasn't just inspiring to a great deal of people — it also spawned a series of online attacks.

Again on Facebook, Sisa shared screenshots of some of these threats, saying that “the HATE is real guys.”

Some of the negative messages the immigrant received came from people saying they would report her to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), while others claimed she committed an “act of war.”

It's certainly saddening to see so many people attacking a young woman who had the courage to call out the president for perpetuating a myth.

Still, it's also encouraging to see so many others supporting her as immigrants across the country report fearing for their safety and freedom.

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