China’s Tech Giant Made Employees Jump In Front Of A Self-Driving Car

In order to prove that its self-driving cars are reliable, the tech giant put its employees’ lives in danger.

Self-driving cars have attracted criticism over recent months as people have questioned their reliability and ability to react in emergency situations. In a desperate attempt to prove that their cars are fool-proof, Chinese tech giant Baidu put some of its employees into a life-threatening situation when they were made to jump in front of a moving vehicle.

The company’s CEO Robin Li boasted about the stunt in a speech stating that he was present in the car when a few people rushed in front.

He grabbed the opportunity to praise the self driving cars and their reliability, explaining that the autonomous car effectively came to a halt. 

"I felt it was a little risky, because we hadn't done something like that before," he said. "But it was still very safe, no problem."

However, despite his claims of the car’s reliability and effectiveness to sense people and stop when required, social media users are calling Baidu out for putting its employees in danger.

"Baidu corporate culture: The employee's life isn't a life,” one Weibo user wrote.

"If he didn't know about it, he shouldn't have used it for publicity!” another commented.

Li’s publicist clarified that the company CEO was unaware of the stunt, and therefore did not intentionally put employees into a dangerous situation. Yet, no one is taking him for his word, as they continue to question Baidu’s ethics.

This is not the first time a business concern has put its employee’s safety on the back burner. Previously, an Indian amusement park witnessed a horrible accident when one of its rides toppled over during a test run. Unfortunately, the people present on it were the park’s employees who had been pressurized into going on it despite expressing hesitation.  

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