Two Bald Eagles Got Stuck In A Drain And America Can't Handle It

The plight of the bald eagles stuck in a storm drain is oddly similar to the situation the United States has landed in with a Trump victory.

As thousands and thousands of demonstrators take to the streets in various cities of the United States to protest the election of Donald Trump, one cannot deny the fact that America is literally stuck in the situation for the next four years.

But country is not the only one that is in trouble. Two bald eagles seen trapped in a storm drain in Florida are being compared to the current post-election situation.

Many people are even saying that they too are protesting against Trump’s election to the White House.










The eagles remained stuck in the drain for quite a few hours. While one flew out on its own accord, the other was trapped until help from Audubon Center for Birds of Prey arrived.

Initially, the crowd watching the two struggling birds thought the one on top was protecting its mate, but Dianna Flynt from the Audubon Center for Birds of Prey said that wasn’t true.

Unfortunately, even though the eagle was rescued after only a few hours of ordeal and the other one flew away, it seems like the United States will remain in the same position for at least the next four years. Who its savior will be remains unknown.

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