Baltimore Cop Busted Planting Evidence Thanks To His Own Body Cam

After body cam footage appeared to show a Baltimore officer planting drug evidence at a crime scene, wrongful charges against an alleged suspect were dropped.

A Baltimore cop was ousted planting evidence at a crime scene by none other than his own body camera.

According to the New York Daily News, the video obtained by local Fox affiliate WBFF shows the unnamed officer putting heroin pills into a soup can in an alleyway back in January.

While he and two colleagues congregated on the sidewalk nearby, he reportedly told them, “I’m gonna go check here,” just before “finding” the exact same drugs in the can where he placed them.

The officer’s discovery led to possession with intent to distribute charges being brought against 27-year-old Tyrone Jones, which were dropped last week as this footage has come to light.

However, Jones has already spent several months behind bars since his January arrest and remains there as he awaits a parole violation hearing.

The Baltimore police department released a very generic statement about the ordeal.

“We take allegations like this very seriously and that’s why we launched an internal investigation into the accusations,” the department said, according to WBFF. “We are fortunate to have Body Worn Cameras which provide a perspective of the events as reported.”

Baltimore Police Commissioner Kevin Davis announced in a press conference on Wednesday that one of his officers is suspended and has been relieved of his police powers while an internal investigation is underway, according to the New York Daily News. 

Police misconduct is rampant, and even with dashboard and body cameras monitoring their behavior, so many cops still seem to think they're above the law.  

"His reaction was 'I told you I didn't do it! I told you!'" Tyrone Jones’s sister Sheena Taylor-Jones reportedly told the New York Daily News.

This just goes to show that when an alleged criminal is adamant about maintaining their innocence, it should be taken seriously. 

Banner/Thumbnail Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons, Famartin

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