Baltimore Police Kept Toy Guns In Case They Shot An Unarmed Suspect

Crooked Baltimore officers involved in illegal activities kept toy guns with them just in case they needed to plant them on unarmed suspects.

One of America's largest cities is home to a corrupt police force where cops kept toy guns at their disposals just in case they needed to plant one on an unarmed person they shot.

Now, eight officers from the Baltimore Police Department are facing charges, according to The Root.

Baltimore police officers shot a 13-year-old boy in April 2016 after he ran from them. The police chased the teen and said that the boy was holding a gun, which prompted them to shoot him. The teen wasn't critically harmed, and the case was closed.

This is the same police force that 25-year-old Freddie Gray died in the hands of under mysterious circumstances after he was illegally arrested and transported in the back of a vehicle. 

This department is currently involved in one of the biggest scandals in the history of American law enforcement, according to The Root. Its corruption case is rife with crooked cops involved in robbery and drugs.

As a Baltimore Sun report stated, the drug overdose of a 19-year-old woman from New Jersey led authorities to trace the origin of the substances, which led to a Baltimore drug crew and a police officer. Subsequently, eight members of Baltimore's elite Gun Trace Task Force were charged with crimes from racketeering to robbery.

What's so unnerving about these shocking developments are the instructions given by higher-ups. The supervisor of the unit gave officers instructions to carry toy guns to plant on unarmed people just in case they found themselves "in a jam." One officer, Marcus Taylor, was arrested and had trouble trying to explain why there was a toy gun in his glove compartment.

It's no secret that toy guns have been used successfully as a defense in the fatal shootings of children, but it's high time to stop allowing these corrupt law enforcement officials to get away with it.

Planting drugs and fake weapons on people only further strains the relationship between cops and civilians and fuels nationwide mistrust of the criminal justice system. Change has to come, and soon, before more innocent people are either killed or thrown in jail over this corrupt system.

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