The Mysterious Case Of A 4-Year-Old Boy Who Looks Like An Old Man

He’s been admitted to the hospital to undergo a series of tests, and doctors have agreed to treat him for free.

Bayezid Shikdar, 4, who hails from a poor Bangladeshi family suffers from a mysterious illness that makes him look like an old man.

Even though Bayezid is just a child, his medical condition causes extra skin on his face and limbs to hang down. Just like an old person, he also has problems with his heart, sight and hearing.

He has now been admitted in a hospital in Dhaka to undergo a series of tests, and doctors there are treating him free of charge.

"We sold our land to treat him at local hospitals. We took him to religious healers and herbal doctors, but his condition did not change. This hospital is our last hope," his father Lablu Shikdar said

While doctors so far cannot give a definitive diagnosis of what causes Bayezid’s condition, his father patiently waits, hoping for the day his son will look just like any other 4-year-old.

Apparently, the boy’s ageing process recently slowed down, and he is showing signs of improvement, according to his parents.

A Hollywood movie "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" starring Brad Pitt was based around Bayezid’s rare genetic disorder. Doctors suspect it is caused by marriages with blood relatives such as first cousins.

"He is an extremely talented boy. There are days he grabs books and wants to go to school. But we thought he's still too young,” said Bayezid’s mother, Khatun.

Hopefully, his current improvement will turn into one that is long-term, and doctors will come up with a cure for this disorder so other people don’t have to suffer the same. 

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