Bank Employee Asking N*****S To Be Sent Back To Africa Loses Job

From schools to airports and all the way to the presidential race - whether we like to admit it or not, racism is a huge part of our culture.

Fifty seven-year-old Christine McMullen Lindgren was fired from Bank of America’s branch in Atlanta, Georgia, for posting a racist rant on her Facebook page:

Bank of America responded

Thousands more took to the bank's Facebook page and even called in to inform them of their worker's racist message.

Bank of America responded swiftly.

“We have investigated the matter and terminated her. She no longer works for Bank of America,” said Andy Aldridge, a senior vice president at Bank of America.

Bank Employ

McMullen Lindgren has since her entire Facebook profile.  

Racism is unfortunately rampant across the United States of America —and it is not just from the likes of Fox News and Donald Trump.

Incident after incident appears of people treating others with hatred and saying hurtful and snide things just because of apparent racial differences.

While traveling on United Airlines, Tahera Ahmad, a Muslim chaplain and director of interfaith engagement at Northwestern University, asked for an unopened can of Diet Coke. She was refused because it could be used as a weapon. What was followed was a very painful and humiliating experience:

Bank Of America

Read More About It: Calls for United Airlines Boycott Grow after Bizarre Racism Incident

Not long ago, parents got agitated when Glen Allen High School in Henrico County, Virginia, showed its students an animated video about racial inequality.

“They are sitting there watching a video that is dividing them up from a racial standpoint. It’s a white guilt kind of video,” Don Blake, whose granddaughter saw the video, told NBC 12. “I think somebody should be held accountable for this.”

Although a number of social media users didn’t find anything wrong with the video, which is historically accurate, the widespread outrage caused Henrico school officials to release a statement defending the use of the video:

“The students participated in a presentation that involved American history and racial discourse,” the statement read. “A segment of the video was one component of a thoughtful discussion in which all viewpoints were encouraged. As always, we are welcoming of feedback from students and their families, and we address concerns directly as they come forward.”

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders believes that America was indeed founded on racism.

“I would hope and I believe that every person in this room today understands that it is unacceptable to judge people, to discriminate against people based on the color of their skin,” he said during an interview at Liberty University in Virginia.

“And I would also say that as a nation — the truth is, that a nation which in many ways was created, and I’m sorry to have to say this, from way back on racist principles, that’s a fact — we have come a long way as a nation,” he added.

“I cannot understand for the life of me, how there can be hundreds of groups in this country whose sole reason for existence is to promote hatred,” Sanders added.

Christine McMullen Lindgren is just one person who proves that, despite strides we've made toward equality, it's hard to stamp out hatred in a person's heart. 

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