Bouncer Tells Gay Couple Bar Is For ‘Mixed-Sex Couples’ Only

A bouncer at an English bar denied entry to two gay men. The bar said the bouncer's actions are against its policies, and that the bouncer is an outside contractor.

When a gay couple approached Jake's Bar in Leeds, England, for a nightcap, the bouncer at the door told them they only allow "mixed-sex couples" inside. 

Patrick Hannon, 30, and Jake Archer, 25, said they were shocked and "speechless." 

"We were a bit taken aback to say anything," Archer told the BBC. "I was just thinking that if Paddy was my girlfriend then we would have been allowed in. It's discrimination." 

Jake's Bar manager Paul Lane said the bar has a "strict equality and diversity policy" and would "never discriminate" against anyone. He further explained that the bouncers are part of an outside company. 

This could be a one-off incident and perhaps represents only the sentiments of a single bouncer, but the BBC noted that a couple Yelp reviews accuse the bar of similar discriminatory practices. 

A Yelp user named Thomas B reportedly said he was "outraged" by a "homophobic bouncer" in May last year.

He wrote: "I was with my partner and we were refused entry for not being in a mixed couple." 

It's a bit surprising to hear about such an incident happening in a modern urban environment, especially given that the bar runs parallel to Leed's gay district. 

Unlike other discrimination practices in which the government should get involved, these types of occurrences involving a bar or restaurant are often best criticized by the public.

Using tools like social media and Yelp hurts the bar's reputation, and thus its bottom line. If businesses like Jake's Bar want to survive, they'll need to adapt to modern culture and make sure everyone they hire follows suit. 

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