Brewery Has Creative Way To Empty Seats At Richard Spencer's Speech

A bar near the University of Florida is offering patrons beer in exchange for Richard Spencer tickets, hoping to empty the facility where he's set to speak.

White supremacists gather at Lincoln Memorial and wave flags as Richard Spencer stands in the center of crowd

Richard Spencer’s controversial speech at the University of Florida this week is causing a lot of headaches for Floridians, but the community remains defiant in letting the white supremacist know his hate-mongering isn't welcome

Some Floridians are finding creative ways to respond to the so-called “alt-right” speaker’s sure-to-be hate-filled speech. Alligator Brewing Company in Gainesville, Florida, is offering any person who has an unused ticket to Spencer’s speech free booze, encouraging individuals to spend their time in a more positive way.

“Here at Alligator we believe free speech is a cornerstone of our great nation," reads their flier. "That said, speech that condones, let alone promotes racial supremacy has no home in America. And it sure as hell doesn't have a home in our beautiful town."

Tickets for Spencer’s event were made available last weekend. So, Alligator Brewing Company is offering any person who brings in two tickets a free draft beer, hoping they skip Spencer’s hate speech entirely.

"Those tickets and reserved spots will be disposed of," the company writes. "... We unfortunately can't stop [Spencer] from bringing his hate to Gainesville, but we can empty the room so his disgusting message goes unheard."

Spencer is nothing more than a neo-Nazi with better public relations skills attempting to rebrand his views into a pseudo-movement called the “alt-right.” His speeches generally cause more violence and disruption and can hardly be considered a dissemination of “free speech.”

It’s questionable whether there is value in forcing the campus to spend half a million dollars in security costs just to hear him spew out his hateful rhetoric.

Alligator Brewing Company has the right idea. They’ve decided to turn Spencer’s event into something more constructive for their customers and for their business. And in turn, they'll help prevent more people from giving Spencer the attention he desperately craves.

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