Bar Faces Backlash For Sexist 'Frat-Themed' New Year's Eve Party

An Australian bar actually thought that degrading women for the sake of a fraternity-themed New Year's Eve party was a good idea, but they were wrong.

An Australian bar found itself in hot water after making the decision to throw a very misogynistic "frat party"-themed New Year's Eve party.

The Brass Monkey Hotel Bar located in Northbridge promoted its party by hanging explicit banners with crass phrases written on them, such as "You teach her morals, we'll teach her oral," and "Our couch pulls out but we don't," Mic reports.

Images from the bar were posted on Twitter, which resulted in backlash for perpetuating sexism and blatantly disrespecting women.

Musical artist Joel Fletcher, who was set to perform at the bar the same night, even canceled his appearance in protest of the demeaning party theme and signs.

"I don't condone any of this and won't be going ahead with my show there on New Year's Eve," Fletcher announced Friday. "Sad."

Upon realizing the error of their ways, the bar released an official apology on its Facebook profile.

"The team meant no offense or harm to anyone by the messages written on these banners and can see how they are inappropriate," the bar wrote.

"The team at the Brass Monkey Hotel would like to apologize for anyone affected by these messages and hope that you have a great New Year's," they added.

The banners have also reportedly been removed, but it's unclear whether or not the party's theme was changed.

While it's no secret that fraternities nationwide have been known to demean women and have been at the center of some disturbing sexual assault cases, the normalization of rape culture is no laughing matter.

The fact that the bar thought for even one second that their theme was acceptable is a problem in itself because they didn't immediately recognize how harmful it is to glorify such disgusting and barbaric behaviors.

The bar's generic Facebook apology doesn't negate the fact that their staff actually found humor in the degradation of women. 

Banner/Thumbnail Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons, Nachoman-au

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