Obama Shares His Post-White House Plans In Hilarious Video

The president can’t wait to drive around town sporting rocking aviators and wearing his mom jeans after leaving the office.

It might not be easy coming to grips with the end of his presidency, but Barack Obama kicked off his eighth and final White House Correspondents’ Dinner on Saturday with a tongue-and-cheek farewell video imagining his life after presidency.

The clip, featuring a large number of cameos by various journalists and politicians, opens with MSNBC presenter Chuck Todd referring to the commander-in-chief as “couch commander.” After sending out a quick expletive his way, the president ponders aloud what he would do with all his time.

After talking to Vice President Joe Biden, who appears rather busy choosing from the identical pairs of iconic Ray-Bans, Obama makes various attempts to get his life in order: offering to help coach a professional basketball team, applying for driver’s license and using Michelle Obama’s Snapchat account — which backfires rather spectacularly.

"I can wear my mom jeans in peace," Obama exclaims at one point. "I hate these tight jeans."

He then approaches John Boehner, former speaker of the House, who gives the president the best (and most clichéd) advice anyone could ever give: “Be yourself!”

Watch Obama’s hilarious post-White House plans in the video above.

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