Racists Target Spanish Mosques After Barcelona Terror Attack

“People should understand that Muslims, just like any other person, can be victims of the injustice of the individuals behind Thursday’s attacks.”


Islamophobes in Spain vandalized two mosques following the Barcelona terror attack. The city was recently targeted by a suspected Islamist militant, who drove a van into a crowd on Aug. 17, killing 13 people before fleeing.

The Islamic State terror group later claimed responsibility for the deadly rampage.  

Following the incident, two mosques in the country were attacked.

The Seville Mosque Foundation’s center was reportedly targeted with hate speech, as hooligans drew racist graffiti on the mosque's walls, including messages like “killers, you’re going to pay.” The messages also included threats to behead Muslims with a machete.

Jalid Nieto, a spokesman for the mosque, reported the gang to the police. But the youngsters, who were targeting the mosque, had fled the scene by then.

Some of them wore black T-shirts bearing the slogan "F*** ISIS."

“They are taking advantage of Thursday's terror attack, which pains us and has left us devastated, to try to make ideological capital. People should understand that Muslims, just like any other person, can be victims of the injustice of the individuals behind Thursday's attacks,” Nieto lamented.

“No one should take advantage of the horrible incidents in Catalonia, which we have publicly condemned, as humans, Spaniards and Muslims, to oppress or threaten another group,” he continued.

Another mosque in Granada was also vandalized. According to videos that surfaced online, people, including children, can be seen running out of the mosque as orange smoke covers their place of worship. Dozens of people were also present there chanting racist slogans.

One of the banners in the hands of the racists said, “Whoever finances this mosque, finances terrorism” while shouting racist epithets.


Right-wing organizer Hogar Social was reportedly arrested after being accused of carrying out the attack.

“I was about to enter the mosque when suddenly a big racket sounded and a lot of red and orange smoke covered the place,” said a witness, who asked for anonymity. 

“People started to hear xenophobic chants and these 'beings' appeared. Tourists in the mosque's yard and entrance started running away. Kids, families. The people of faith there closed the doors from inside as this neos [neo-Nazis] were doing their chants.”

“They then tried to enter, or so it seemed. To insult or to attack, I couldn't tell. But these people are not nice at all. When the believers that were praying started to run away, the local police appeared and talked to the mosque's iman and the community. Tourists then came back, but the mosque was closed then for security,” she continued.

Thumbnail/Banner Credits: Reuters, Albert Gea

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