Racist Woman To Doorman: ‘You Bombed All Our People In Manchester’

“You bombed all our people in Manchester…You little p**** c**** are allowed to come here and bomb us,” shouted the drunk woman.

A doorman recorded a drunk woman hurling racist tirade at him after he banned her from a pub.

Tunisian-born Amor Guerchi took out his cell phone and filmed the verbal abuse by a woman identified as Sophia Boyd after he asked her to leave the Barrell bar in Rhyl, North Wales.

In the footage, the woman can be heard shouting, “You bombed all our people in Manchester…You little p**** c**** are allowed to come here and bomb us... you shouldn't f****** be in this country, why are your people allowed to come over here and bomb us?”

Hearing her loud shouts, a bystander told her to stop because she was being racist.

“I can get done for racism but they can't get done for bombing us? It's f****** b******t,” she retorted.

Guerchi can be heard telling her to “walk away from me. Just walk away, please... You are barred. You‘re not allowed to be here.”

However, when the woman refused to listen, he called the cops on her.

Even as the police arrived, Boyd can be heard asking the 39-year-old doorman, “P**** are taking over our town, which family are you? ISIS?”

Earlier this week, Boyd admitted to a charge of racially aggravated threatening behavior at Llandudno Magistrates Court. The woman claimed she was “deeply sorry and very embarrassed” and blamed her appalling attitude on too much alcohol.

She was told by District Judge Gwyn Jones to pay Guerchi 200 pounds ($253) and was also placed on a six-month alcohol treatment plan.

“This is a very delicate time and the comments made need to be taken very seriously,” said the judge. “The victim is working in a difficult situation dealing with abuse and violence.”

“While drinking at The Barrell, you made offensive and inflammatory comments to a member of door staff whose job is difficult enough to do,” he added. “You went further by making offensive comments specifically targeting his ethnic background at a very sensitive time and that was wholly and utterly inappropriate.”

As for Guerchi, he later said he recognized Boyd as she was a regular visitor to the bar, but this was the first time she had exhibited disturbing behavior.

The doorman, who claimed he was “shocked and gobsmacked” said, “I wouldn't normally have called the police but she wouldn't stop. She left me with no option. She carried on in front of police and punters — it was really embarrassing.”

Unfortunately, Guerchi admitted it was not the first time he was subjected to racist attacks.

He said just a day before the Boyd incident, another man had called him “p****” and told him to “go back to your own country.”

More disturbingly, 18 months ago, a man came to him with a box and told him to “get in it like a monkey so I can deport you.”

Guerchi, who runs AG Security Solutions and has been working as a doorman for 20 years, said, “In my experience you get genuine people and you get stupid, empty-headed people. Some like to use racial comments when they are out for a fight or to cause trouble. I'm fed up of it but it's part of the job and you learn with the years. Most of the time I bite my tongue — some people's brains are screwed but I try and take it on the chin. Otherwise, I couldn't do my job.”

The doorman also had a message for the British people.

“There is racism everywhere in the world and it is wrong. If you are going to judge people, you should judge them on their character, not their race. Terrorists are sick and they make it worse for everyone. I don't think they are Muslim — real Muslims wouldn't do that to anyone, all Muslim people are against these acts. Unfortunately it is happening everywhere but we just have to deal with it and hope that the world gets better.”

Since the announcement of Brexit, there has been a significant rise in racism in the United Kingdom, coupled with the fact that England was recently rocked by the Manchester bombing and the London Bridge attack.

The number of hate crimes against Muslims went up five fold in the week the Ariana Grande concert was bombed, with an astounding 139 Islamophobic incidents reported to Tell Mama, the group that records such events in United Kingdom.

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