Activists Arrested For Bringing Toys, Books To Migrant Children Center

"All we wanted to do was deliver toys and sing 'Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star' and 'Brahms’ Lullaby,' " said Jesse Ingber.

Two activists were arrested for trespassing because they wanted to sing songs and give toys and books to migrant children.

Let that sink in. Acts of kindness and a show of humanity are now crimes in Trump’s America. Jesse Ingber, who is 27-years old and belongs to Berkley, and Elizabeth DeCrou, who is a nurse, were arrested for the crime of being human at a Fairfield shelter.

Their crime: stepping onto the property of the Baptist Child and Family Services on Pennsylvania without permission.

Both the activists went to the shelter believing migrant children separated from families were placed in the shelter.

DeCrou, a 66-year-old grandmother of four was arrested and put in jail for hours along with Ingber on a misdemeanor trespass charge.

They were released later in the day and were ordered to appear in court on June 30. 

"All we wanted to do was deliver toys and sing 'Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star' and 'Brahms’ Lullaby,' " Ingber said. “I’m not sure why they wouldn’t let us deliver the toys.”

“I’m sure this is to keep the children hidden,” he added.

"I was just there to sing songs," said DeCrou. "This was not a very good experience." 

DeCrou wanted to know if the children were safe inside but after trying to convey her point for several minutes she was arrested because she stepped in the shelter’s lawn. Both the activists were accompanied by two dozen others from the Berkeley-based people known as Solidaridad Con Los Ninos – a grassroots "omni-partisan" group, whose members recognize themselves as patriots, Republicans and liberals, and have started campaigning to visit “the kids’ internment camps and related sites until the internment comes to an end.”

“This is not public property and you’re not allowed to trespass here,” one of the guards said to Ingber after he crossed a line of at least four police officers. “Sir, what are you doing?” an officer asked him before the police put him in handcuffs. While they were arresting Ingber a stuffed donkey that was meant for the innocent migrant children in the shelter fell on the ground.

Baptist Child and Family Services did not comment on the matter. The shelter has been facilitating unaccompanied migrant children after being in contracts with the federal government.

Thumbnail/Banner Image: Pixabay, Mabel Amber

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