Why The BBC’s 'All Black People Like Fried Chicken' Tweet Isn’t Funny

BBC Newsbeat quickly deleted a racist post targeting black people, but it was soon replaced by another equally distasteful tweet.

Even one of the world's most respected news organizations can't stay away from racist tweets.

On Monday, BBC Newsbeat tweeted out an awkward tweet that read, “Black people and fried chicken — is there any truth in it?”


The post was quickly deleted and replaced with a video, which started with the words, “Is it true all black people like chicken?” and showed people sharing their thoughts on the absurd stereotype.

However, the second video turned out to be in poor taste too and ended with a white guy stating, “There is a stereotype but it is true.”

The footage also included a segment with white people discussing how black women eat fried chicken because it “makes your bum bigger.”

The sorry excuse for damage control failed to placate the public who are now asking what was going on in the BBC’s head.







The stereotype comes from the fact that fried chicken was a part of diet in the southern regions of America and was eaten by slaves because it was cheap and a good source of protein, according to NPR.

However, this stereotype has now become a “vehicle for racism because of the way people eat it." 

"It's a food you eat with your hands, and therefore it's [perceived as] dirty," Claire Schmidt, professor at University of Missouri, told NPR.

The “fried chicken” stereotype wasn’t the only racist thing the BBC did. They also tweeted out a video in which the topic of discussion was how African Americans can’t or won’t swim — and it isn’t funny because it points to a history of segregated beaches and pools that resulted in lost opportunities of learning for blacks.

This was a great opportunity for the network to debunk stereotypes by asking about their effects on black people. However, the video woefully missed the mark and was completely tone-deaf.

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