BBC Reporter Whacked After ‘Accidentally’ Pushing Woman By The Breast

A BBC reporter got smacked by a woman on the shoulder after he touched her breasts during a live broadcast because she interrupted him.

BBC reporter Ben Brown was in the middle of a live broadcast with his colleague, the assistant political editor of the network Norman Smith, when he got interrupted by a woman.

The two men were discussing the launch of the Labour Party election manifesto in Bradford when a woman wearing a leopard print top, carrying many bags, almost came between the journalists and said, “Absolutely fantastic.”

Brown immediately tried to push the woman aside and touched her breast to move her out of the shot. But the woman, who was probably taken aback by his actions, gave him a whack on his shoulder before walking away. Cameraman Jason Farrington posted a video of the incident on Twitter.


Ever since, social media has been divided on whether Brown’s actions were accidental or intentional. While some people have launched a #SackBenBrown hashtag, demanding the BBC get rid of him, others are defending the journalist saying it was only an accident on his part. Some people even blamed the woman for interrupting the broadcast.








The journalist has used his Twitter account to clarify the matter, but absolutely nothing justifies groping a woman.


This is not the first time the news network has come under fire this month. Just a week or so ago, the BBC posted the story of a missing Polish woman who looked like their newsreader on Facebook. "When your newsreader @GemsDawson looks like a missing mum. Here's a link to the story,” the social media post read.

Internet users were quick to point out the post was in “bad taste” after which the news network reworded it to "When your newsreader looks like the story."

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Luke MacGregor

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