BBC Reporter Slams Racist Shoppers Over Islamophobic Pork Stunt

A BBC reporter recently was the victim of a racist incident when anti-Muslim shoppers threw pork into her shopping basket.

A 32-year-old BBC reporter, Manpreet Mellhi, was recently confronted with an Islamophobic attack at Sainsbury’s, United Kingdom, when she found two people chuckling and pointing at her.

She soon noticed two packets of pork had been placed among her grocery items by people who mistook her for being Muslim and intended to offend her. Muslims are forbidden from eating pork according to their holy book, the Quran.

Mellhi, who is a Sikh, took to Twitter to inform the racists that she was not Muslim, and that their attempt at Islamophobia was indeed a total failure.


People on social media supported her fully with their comments.

“That's pathetic — I'm glad you laughed it off — last time I checked we all came from the same place — Earth!” one person said.

“That is disgraceful behavior shows how there are some ill educated individuals about. Keep smiling like you do,” another Twitter user said.

“I think it was deliberate, though I couldn't say 100 percent, but nothing about it was a normal situation,” the reporter expressed. “Had I been a Muslim or had it happened to a Muslim then I would have found it more offensive than I did.”

Hate crimes against Muslims have been on the rise in United Kingdom following Brexit, and in the United States after the election of Donald Trump as president. People need to learn to be tolerant toward one another regardless of race, religion, ethnic background and other beliefs. 

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