Texas Teacher Arrested After Being Filmed Repeatedly Hitting Student

A geometry teacher was arrested after footage emerged showing her out-of-control classroom discipline.


A high school teacher has been released on bail after she was arrested on charge of beating up a kid in class.

Mary Hastings, a 63-year-old geometry teacher at Ozen High School in Beaumont, Texas, was caught on camera for slamming a student five times while yelling at him for disrupting the class. The footage also shows her calling the student an “idiot ass” and mocking the boy for his cries, but doesn’t clarify what prompted her for the action.

The student who recorded the video said the incident happened on Friday.

Atyra Deroune, a friend of the assaulted student, described the math teacher as “cool.”

"She was a cool teacher. She wasn't always bad, but like when was ready to teach us for us to learn, she got serious," says Deroune. "She was always a laid back teacher and cool with the kids."

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The school district took immediate action. 

“BISD does not condone employees abusing any child and will not tolerate such conduct,” Beaumont Independent School District spokeswoman Nakisha Burns said in a statement. “The teacher was immediately removed from the classroom and placed on administrative leave pending action on her contract.”

Hastings was booked into the Jefferson County jail on a charge of assault and was later released on $2,500 bond.

No matter how cool Hastings seems to be, she undeniably lost her cool in this instant.

Cases of corporal punishment or harsh "discipline" are still unfortunately common in schools.

Earlier this year, a teacher’s aide was arrested on charges of child abuse for hitting a special education kid on the head while two other students held him in place.

Just last month, a 6-year-old girl was handcuffed and placed under the school stairs, merely for taking a sweet from the teacher’s desk.

Although a teacher has a responsibility to administer disciplinary actions to students who are breaking the rules, physical abuse and compromising students' safety should never be the means to achieve discipline.

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