White Supremacist Literature Found In The Home Of Bomb-Making Suspect

“Within his bedroom, literature has been found concerning white supremacy groups,” said crime investigator Kevin Heimerl.



Authorities have found out the man who died in an apartment explosion in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, was not only making a bomb but also had a stash on white supremacist literature. Officials also discovered a collection of explosive chemicals, a bullet-proof helmet and vest, two rifles, a scope, a handgun and hundreds of rounds of ammunition in his apartment.

Rescue workers reportedly discovered a “homemade explosives laboratory” while responding to an explosion inside a unit in Village Glen Apartments. Benjamin D. Morrow was the only casualty of the horrific incident. His body was found in the kitchen near an electric stove, which officials determined he used to make explosives out of peroxide.

“Within his bedroom, literature has been found concerning white supremacy groups,” said state crime investigator Kevin Heimerl.

Investigators also found 13 jars of potentially "finished TATP explosive material" in the apartment refrigerator. TATP is an extremely dangerous homemade bomb compound made of widely available materials that don’t raise suspicion when procured, revealed the recently unsealed Dodge County search records.

The explosives found in the apartment were "highly volatile,” so much so the authorities could not safely destroy the samples and had to bring the entire building down in a controlled environment.

Such bombs have been increasingly used in attacks in past couple of years.

Although the officials have now obtained warrants to search Morrow’s laptop and phone, the presence of such explosives and literary material in his apartment paint the picture of a very disturbed man who may or may not have used the TATP compound to hurt others.

The 28-year-old suspect reportedly had a bachelor's degree in pre-pharmacy with minors in chemistry and mathematics from Pensacola Christian College. Before working as a quality control technician for Richelieu Foods, Morrow worked as an associate scientist at PPD in Middleton for three-and-a-half years.

According to his online obituary, he was a devoted Baptist.

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