Beer Delivery Workers Save Suicidal Man Trying To Jump Off Bridge

“If you come down from there, do you want to get a drink with me and talk about what’s going on?” asked one of the delivery men.

Jason Gabel and Kwame Anderson, the two deliverymen for breakthrough beverage are being celebrated as heroes after they saved another man’s life by sharing a beer and talking him out of what could have been a deadly situation.

Gabel and Anderson were making their usual rounds in St Paul, Minnesota, when they noticed a man on the edge of a fence at the interstate 94 overpass.

The beer delivery workers immediately called 911 after they understood the circumstances of what they were seeing. Gabel described it as “heart-breaking.”

“You don’t know me; you don’t care” the unnamed man reportedly told the two men after they asked him about what he was doing. They assured him that if he was thinking about jumping he didn’t have to, according to Pioneer Press.

According to WCNC Anderson knew that if he didn’t do something himself it might be too late. “If I wait for the police, this thing may be over,” he recalled.

“I was thinking, I got to build a rapport and give him all of his demands. But first I got to get to know him, so I asked him his name and where he was from,” Anderson told WCNC.

 According to WCNC, Anderson, who is also a comedian and an ardent fan of actor Denzel Washington, said he thought about the movie Inside Man and decided to keep the man entertained. Had he waited for the police to arrive, the situation could have gotten out of hands.

Anderson managed to get a conversation started and the two men started sharing their problems and found out they had similar upbringings and even lived nearby each other.

When the police officers arrived on the scene Gabriel noticed that man started getting tensed, so the delivery man convinced the officer to allow him and Anderson to continue speaking with the suicidal man.

"I could feel tension in the air; he was intimidated by white cops. I said my helper is an extremely intelligent guy. I said I think we can talk this guy off the ledge,” Gabel explained to KMSP.

They spoke for about an hour and made an offer to share a beer. “If you come down from there, do you want to get a drink with me and talk about what’s going on?,” asked Anderson.

When the man accepted the offer, Anderson ran to get a 12-pack of Coors Light from the truck. Anderson explained how he convinced the man of getting off the ledge with a pack of beer. “If you come down off that ledge, this whole pack is yours,” he said.

As soon as the man withdrew and walked towards the highway he was escorted by the paramedics to safety. Anderson and Gable said that had they taken another maybe they would not be able to do what they did. He credited a higher power for this, saying “it was God’s plan.”

Beer has been bringing people together for a long time, but today “it brought people in a lifesaving way “said the St. Paul Police Department Sergeant Mike Ernster to the pioneer press.

Such stories of kindness are proof that humanity is still alive in a world often plagued by adversity and indifference.

Thumbnail/Banner Credits: Roberto Machado Noa, LightRocket via Getty Images

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