Before And After Images Show The Real-Life Impact Of Substance Abuse

With the number of substance abuse skyrocketing, a rehabilitation campaign shows us what the real-life effects look like.

Substance abuse has become increasingly common in youngsters, and while its impact is often presented on an intellectual level, seeing real-life images shows us how dangerous it is.

A recent campaign by puts together a series of videos called the “Faces of Addiction” showing a comparison of what people looked like before and after using drugs.

Drugs such as heroin, cocaine and hallucinogens are extremely addictive and are very harmful even when consumed in small doses. Even though the user’s goal might be just to try out the drug, the substance can lead to addiction — and soon the person becomes completely dependent.

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The National Survey on Drug Use and Health conducted by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, studied substance abuse in Americans who were 12 years or older. The research administered on around 67,800 people in 2013 revealed that around 9.4 percent of the population had used an illicit drug over the past month. While the use of cocaine had been reduced, a large number of people had turned to methamphetamine.

The shocking results also showed that most of the people surveyed had used drugs for the first time during their teens, and more than half of those who now use illicit drugs started with marijuana.

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A recent CNN town hall studied the use of opioids and over-prescription of addictive drugs, and a few ex-substance abusers spoke about their experiences explaining how drugs impacted their lives.

Here are a couple of clips from the session:


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