Before Attack, NYC Bomber Posted Trump ‘Failed To Protect’ His Country

“Trump you failed to protect your nation,” terror suspect Akayed Ullah reportedly wrote on Facebook before bombing Manhattan’s Port Authority Bus Terminal.

Police officers standing outside the New York Port Authority Bus Terminal

The 27-year-old Bangladeshi immigrant who bombed a New York City bus terminal left a message for President Donald Trump on social media before carrying out his crime.

Akayed Ullah wrote “Trump you failed to protect your nation,” on Facebook before his attack that left himself and three other injured on Monday, BBC News reports.

Ullah strapped a device to his body and detonated it in an underpass at Manhattan’s Port Authority Bus Terminal in the middle of rush hour. Luckily, the explosion was not strong enough to cause more damage, and he will be brought to justice.

The New York Police Department tweeted that Ullah is facing charges of criminal possession of a weapon, supporting an act of terrorism, and making a “terroristic threat” at the state level.

His federal charges include providing material support to a foreign terrorist organization, using a weapon of mass destruction, and bombing a public place. 

Unfortunately, instead of serving as a wake-up call to Trump about the dangerous impact his xenophobic rhetoric has on Americans' safety, the president will likely use Ullah's message as a tool to strengthen his argument for his anti-immigrant policies and his travel ban. 

Trump needs to tone it down; Ullah made clear in his post that his actions were carried out, in part, to spite Trump.

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