Before The Leak, Billy Bush Boasted About Trump Tapes To Colleagues

Billy Bush may have wreaked all of this havoc on his and Donald Trump’s lives by bragging about the salacious audio recordings during the Rio Olympics.

Television personality Billy Bush has become a casualty of the Donald Trump leaked audio controversy that sparked outrage following its release last Friday.

Bush was on the receiving end of Trump’s “locker room banter” 11 years ago while he was making a guest appearance on a soap opera.

Bush didn’t say anything quite as crude as Trump, but he certainly egged him on and never once tried to halt or change the course of the conversation.

Now, Bush has been suspended indefinitely from the “Today” show, despite his best efforts to distance himself from the scandal by remaining quiet and hiding in Trump’s disgusting shadow.

It has been brought to light that Bush may have brought this disgrace upon himself by bragging about the tapes during a party in Rio de Janeiro while covering the summer Olympic Games.

According to Uproxx, Bush allegedly boasted to some of his colleagues about the footage, claiming that he knew of recordings of Trump making unthinkable comments.

“Access Hollywood” producers began to search for the tape, which at least one NBC official knew could hurt Bush. The staffer allegedly told publications that Bush could be fired due to a morality clause in his contract.

“Billy was bragging about the tape to other NBC staff while in Rio. If he knew about the tape, and remembered the full extent of such an explosive conversation with a presidential candidate and didn’t disclose that to NBC News, that is a very, very serious problem.”

Another unnamed colleague of Bush’s said they weren’t sure if he actually remembered the severity of Trump’s comments or if he was trying to protect his own skin by keeping the tapes under wraps.

Bush has already been under scrutiny for defending Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte after he lied about being robbed in Rio; this latest incident just makes him look more like a scumbag.

The TV host didn’t defend his female colleague, who Trump spoke of in a very demeaning and vulgar way. Instead, he seemed actively engaged in the discussion and even chimed in with his own suggestive comments about an actress on NBC’s “Days of Our Lives,” who he declared was “hot as s**t.”

Bush may have thought if the tapes were ever unearthed, people would be so focused on Trump that no one would draw much attention to his part in the whole mess, but he was wrong.

While most of the backlash has fallen on Trump because he is a presidential candidate, Bush isn’t getting off scot-free.

He made his bed when he bragged about the tapes, and now he must lie in it. 

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