Ben Carson Is Painfully Bad At Being A Surrogate For Donald Trump

Every time the former neurosurgeon attempts to defend the Republican presidential candidate, he ends up making it much, much worse.

Former GOP presidential hopeful Ben Carson has a penchant for saying strangest of things at the most unfortunate times. In fact, he used to spend a better part of his debates talking about things that rarely made sense, be it the “fruit salads” of the Supreme Court nominees’ lives or him requesting other candidates “attack him” on stage.

Now, after dropping out of the race and endorsing his tormentor Donald Trump, the former neurosurgeon has been making even more bizarre statements in front of the press. It seems every time he goes to defend the White House hopeful, he just makes things even worse.

From saying he didn’t want to endorse the billionaire but did so after he was promised a role in his administration, “certainly in an advisory capacity,” to rendering a CNN anchor speechless by suggesting he has a criminal record, Carson's entire run as Trump’s substitute has been one awkward rollercoaster.

Here are some moments that prove Ben Carson is the absolute worst choice to be anyone’s surrogate.

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Thumbnail/Banner Credits: Mike Segar / Reuters

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