Ben Carson’s One-Liners Won This GOP Debate

The Republican presidential candidate got a little biblical while describing his selection process for a Supreme Court nominee.

Although no one’s exactly sure why Ben Carson remains in the presidential race, the Internet was still grateful for his existence during the GOP debate on Thursday.

The former neurosurgeon, who was once considered a potential nominee and is now just dwindling at the bottom of the food chain, was asked on Thursday about the most important qualification he'd consider when selecting a new justice to nominate for the Supreme Court.

“As president, I would go through and I would look at what a person's life has been,” the White House hopeful said during CNN’s Republican debate at the University of Houston. “What have they done in the past, what kind of judgments have they made? What kind of associations do they have? That will tell you a lot more than an interview will tell you. The fruit salad of their life is what I will look at.”

For those unaware, Carson was referencing Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, which is a collection of sayings and teachings from the Bible. However, his untimely — and extremely ridiculous — metaphor left almost everyone confused.

Naturally, the Twitterati dug right in.








Baffling as it may be, the “fruit salad” comment wasn’t the highlight of Carson’s night  it was this particular instant that even trumped Jeb Bush’s infamous “please clap” moment.



 Then, there was also his closing statement:


In other words, Ben Carson may have lost the debate, but he definitely won the Internet.

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