Irony Alert: Israeli PM Condemns Killing Civilians & Children In Syria

Netanyahu tweeted, “There is no excuse whatsoever for the deliberate attacks on civilians & on children.” (Except when they are Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip?)

gas attack

Following the horrific alleged chemical attack in Syria that left dozens of civilians dead and wounded, world leaders from around the world denounced the atrocity.

One particular condemnation, however, failed to make any impact due to its blatantly shameless hypocrisy.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu strongly criticized the Syrian government over the alleged usage of chemical weapons against innocent civilians in the province of Idlib, Syria.

"The horrible images in Syria should shock any human," Netanyahu said, according to Haaretz, at a memorial for Israel's former president Chaim Herzog held in Jerusalem.

"Israel calls on the international community to complete its commitment from 2013 and remove the chemical weapons from Syria. The cruel war there highlights our great commandment – forever to protect ourselves against any enemy and against any threat."

Also, on Twitter, Netanyahu posted:



A lot of people just couldn’t miss the searing irony of his words – the fact that Netanyahu was condemning killing innocent civilians when he, himself, is responsible for the deaths of thousands of innocent civilians, including children.

The Israeli leader launched a 50-day-long military operation against people living in the Gaza Strip in 2014. In the onslaught, “2,104 Palestinians were killed in Gaza, including 1,462 civilians, among them 495 children and 253 women,” according to the data released by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs. As per those numbers, around 69 percent of the total people killed were civilians.

Killing Civilians & Children In Syria

Killing Civilians & Children In Syria

It has been nearly three years since the Israeli assault and, so far, Netanyahu has not once expressed any remorse over the high civilian death toll in Gaza. Far from it, he called the war a "success", adding, Israel dealt the "harshest blow to Hamas since its inception" – even though a majority of the people killed were not militants.

The atrocity in Idlib has claimed the lives of more than 100 people, including 11 children under the age of 8, according to The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a British-based war monitor. And it appears, Netanyahu, as always, is trying to exploite other people’s grief to further his own political agenda, while audaciously disregarding the fact that he is guilty of committing the same crimes as Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad.

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