Israeli PM Is Mad At UN Secretary-General For Stating The Obvious

Bibi accused Ban Ki-moon of “encouraging extremism” right after the U.N. secretary-general pointed out the bitter truth about Israel’s illegal settlements in occupied West Bank.

After Ban Ki-moon highlighted the ugly consequences of Israel’s provocative actions against Palestinians, Benjamin Netanyahu responded to the U.N. secretary-general with a sweeping accusation.

Ban condemned Israel’s plan to construct 150 more settlements in the West Bank — buildings he has previously referred to as a “clear violation of international law.”

But instead of merely criticizing the illegal settlements, the U.N. head, this time around, also pointed out their grave repercussions.

Addressing the recent incidents of stabbings of Israeli civilians and soldiers by Palestinians, he said vengeful acts could not be justified, the reaction is more or less natural from people who are being ejected from their homes by use of force and violence.

"As oppressed peoples have demonstrated throughout the ages,” Ban said, “it is human nature to react to occupation, which often serves as a potent incubator of hate and extremism.”

Since October, Israelis have killed at least 151 Palestinians, a majority of whom include alleged assailants, according to Israeli authorities. At least 25 Israelis have also been killed.

Taking offense at Ban’s comments, Netanyahu slammed the U.N. chief, going as far as to accusing him of “encouraging extremism.”

"The U.N. secretary-general's remarks give a tailwind to terrorism,” the Israeli prime minister stated.

Netanyahu then went on to paint all Palestinians with the brush of extremism while completely ignoring how the illegal settlements and some Jewish extremists — expanding under his orders — are ruining lives of Palestinians in the embattled region.

“There is no justification for terrorism. The Palestinian terrorists don't want to build a state, they want to destroy a state, and they state that proudly. They want to murder Jews everywhere and they state that proudly. They don't murder for peace and they don't murder for human rights."

It goes without saying Netanyahu’s statement reeks of lies and deceit. However, as has always been the case, he will probably get away with it.

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