Israeli PM Netanyahu's Wife Tried To Physically Assault His Top Aide

The fight reportedly broke out after Sara Netanyahu confronted her husband’s chief aide, Eli Groner, over funding for the Netanyahus’ private house in Caesarea.

Sara Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s wife is once again making headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Sara Netanyahu, who has been repeatedly accused of bullying her employees and was caught on tape earlier this year viciously yelling at a publicist for failing to highlight her supposed professional qualifications, reportedly tried to assault one of her husband’s chief aides during an altercation in January.

As reported by the Haaretz, the fight between Netanyahu and Eli Groner, the director general of the Prime Minister’s Office, broke out over the renovation expenses at Netanyahus’ private home in Caesarea. 

Netanyahu reportedly approached the former economic attaché to the Israeli Embassy in the U.S. seeking funding for the Caesarea property, which has apparently been a hot topic between the two since Groner assumed his office in 2015.

The aide not only turned down Netanyahu’s demand to cover the expenses, but was also quoted as saying he would not “go to prison for her,” prompting the woman to launch herself at him, according to the report.

Although both parties have denied the incident ever took place, despite witnesses claiming Groner had to hold off Netanyahu until someone physically pulled her off him, it is important to mention the director general resigned earlier this week.

The Israeli prime minister thanked Groner for his “dedicated work in advancing subjects of great importance in economics and society,” but Haaretz reported the two men haven’t discussed the altercation as of yet – even though his chief of staff, Yoav Horowitz, had assured Groner their boss would make sure something like this never happens again.

Meanwhile, Sara Netanyahu has called the reports of the fight “a delusion.”

“These are lies that have gone on for 20 years,” she was quoted as saying.

The report also cited Israeli journalist Ben Caspit, who reported earlier this year that Groner did not fly with the Netanyahus when their delegation visited India. Instead, he flew there on a commercial flight a day later, presumably to avoid further conflict with Sara Netanyahu. However, they all returned together in the same plane.

Moreover, sources familiar with the matter told Haaretz that Netanyahu had been urging her husband to get rid of U.S.-born Groner for a while, but it never came to fruition until now, when he is leaving on his accord.

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