In Push For Action, Berkeley Says 'Climate Emergency' Bigger Than WWII

The City Council at Berkeley is asking the United States to head a revolution to bring an end to climate change, discussing overpopulation and consumerism.

The City of Berkeley has just declared a “climate emergency,” adding that its consequence could be more significant to the world than what happened during World War II.

Along with the declaration, the city council is demanding the government act in an effort to help keep the population from expanding.

Offering a strong condemnation of climate change, the document asked world leaders to unite to “humanely stabilize population” so that the ecological overshoot is reversed. It also calls for the United States to act promptly, as Americans bear an "extraordinary responsibility to solve the [environmental] crises."

"[W]e can rise to the challenge of the greatest crisis in history by organizing politically to catalyze a national and global climate emergency effort, employing local workers in a mobilization effort building and installing renewable energy infrastructure," the document stated.

The city has also promised to be “carbon sink” by 2030, meaning that Berkeley’s greenhouse gas emissions will be negative by then.

Much like the period during World War II when the Bay Area community came together to help put an end to the war, it must unite again, as “halting the sixth mass extinction requires an effort to preserve and restore half Earth’s biodiversity in interconnected wildlife corridors and to humanely stabilize population."

Led by councilwoman Cheryl Davila, the Berkeley City Council called for a climate summit to be held in San Francisco in September. The goal is to "educat[e] our citizens about the climate emergency."

During World War II, between 50 and 80 million people died. At the time, that number accounted for 3 percent of the world population.

Borrowing from Pope Francis’ comments regarding climate change, the resolution stated that we are on the verge of world “suicide.” Something even more catastrophic than what happened during WWII will happen in the future if actions to curb climate change aren’t taken. Therefore, the council is calling for a national mobilization, the avoidance of consumerism and narcissism, and population control.

Despite the council’s passionate defense of some type of population control in order to prevent climate change, many activists and scientists have argued that population growth isn’t the problem but overconsumption is. Controlling the population won’t do much to help bring an end to the consequences of climate change, they say.

Still, it’s great seeing an official body such as the Berkeley City Council taking measures to curb climate change and asking the nation (and the world) to join the fight in a more active way.

Hopefully, other city and state governments across the country are listening because we know for a fact that President Donald Trump isn’t.


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