Berkeley High Students Stage Massive Human Chain For Dreamers

In solidarity with their undocumented classmates and the hundreds of thousands of Dreamers across America, Berkeley high students rallied a crowd of thousands.

On Friday morning, hundreds of students from Berkeley High School in Berkeley, California, linked arms to form a massive human chain in protest against the possible end of DACA.

The teens' demonstration inspired others, and NBC Bay Area reported that the crowd eventually grew to be in the thousands, a powerful representation of the cord current immigration debates strike with both the undocumented and their allies.

According to Berkeleyside, the protest was organized by the student group Chicano Latino United Voices (CLUV) and inspired by a similar protest held at Berkeley High in 2008 to speak out against the arrest of a local family by Immigration and Customs Enformcement agents. 

"We wanted to show people what a peaceful protest looks like,” CLUV president Marielena Rodas, 17, told reporters for Berkeleyside. “This is how the kids do it.”

Members of CLUV had their peers hold hands until they had formed a human chain that wrapped around the entirety of the school.

"No ban, no wall, education for all,” they chanted while cars driving by honked in support.

Engaged youth like these students are America's chance for a better, more compassionate future. Keep it up, Berkeley High. We're looking at you.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters photographer Stephen Lam

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