Australia's Bernard Tomic Loses His Cool On The Tennis Court

When having to defend match point in tennis, Bernard Tomic came up with an out-of –the box strategy that clearly didn’t work too well.

Australian tennis player Bernard Tomic, 23, has come under fire after he did something rather absurd during a match on Tuesday.

At the Madrid Open, while defending match point, the world No. 22 Tomic used the racquet handle instead of the racket itself for his shot.

The unconventional move came in response to a serve by Italy’s Fabio Fognini, which apparently was too wide for Tomic’s racket. But despite his efforts, the ball swept past the Australian tennis player and handed the win to his competitor.

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Twitter users clearly were not impressed with his attitude toward the game and made sure their voice was heard.





This is not the first time Tomic has disappointed his fans and the general public with poor behavior during a match. In 2014, the 23-year-old recorded the quickest loss at a Masters-level tournament on the ATP Tour after being smashed 6-0, 6-1 in 28 minutes by Finn Jarkko Nieminen.

Moreover in 2012, Tomic was fined thrice in a row on Australia Day for traffic infringements. Toward the end of the same year, he was suspended from Australia’s opening for Davis Cup tie in Taiwan, and Tennis Australia claimed it was due to his poor effort and attitude.

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Interestingly, these are only a few of the many negative instances associated with the young player. It is about time Tomic fixed his attitude and took his game seriously if he wishes to continue playing. Disappointing fans time and again and resorting to unethical behavior during matches will only lead to his downfall and get him out of the sports industry altogether. 

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