Bernie Sanders Holds Last Minute News Conference From Someone’s Shed

It appears the senator was so disappointed by his current poll numbers he didn’t even bother to prepare a speech in case he won the primary.



Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders has trailed behind party front-runner Hillary Clinton in polls lately. Perhaps that is why he was so unprepared — and frankly, frazzled  when he found himself in a tight race with the former secretary of state before ultimately beating her in Michigan primary on Tuesday.

The Vermont senator held an impromptu news conference in Miami, Florida, to address his unexpected victory. Although he tried to give the impression that he was actually prepared for the event, the venue for the speech, which looked like someone’s shed, was a clear indication that Sanders was just as surprised as the next guy.

“I think we are in the midst of a very tight race,” said the White House hopeful as he stood in front of a wood paneled wall with hastily taped campaign signs. “It is not clear yet who will win this election here in Michigan, but I just want to take this opportunity to thank the people of Michigan, who kind of repudiated the poles that had us 20, 25 points down two days ago and said that Bernie Sanders was not going anywhere.”

Online users were quick to point it out as well.








"What tonight means is the Bernie Sanders campaign, the people's revolution, the political revolution that we are talking about is strong in every part of the country and, frankly, we believe that our strongest areas are yet to happen,” the senator added, thanking the volunteers who went door-to-door to campaign for him.

Sanders won Democratic Michigan state primary with 50.1 percent votes compared to Clinton’s 48 percent.

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