Sanders Takes Aim At US Politics With A Remarkable Victory Speech

“What Iowa has begun tonight is a political revolution,” the Democratic presidential candidate told enthusiastic voters amid cheers and chants.

Monday’s Iowa caucus was a night full of surprises.

On the Republican front, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz defeated party frontrunner Donald Trump in a shocking twist, while on the Democratic end, presidential hopefuls Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton locked in an intense, neck-to-neck battle.

With a “razor-thin margin” between the two candidates, it became quite clear that not only have establishment Democrats underestimated the Vermont senator and his movement, but also that the former secretary of state is not unbeatable.

Sanders was trailing behind Clinton by just 0.3 percent points in presidential caucus when he took the stage to deliver a gracious victory speech to his supporters while also congratulating his rival.

“As I think about what happened tonight, I think the people of Iowa have sent a very profound message to the political establishment, to the economic establishment, and by the way, to the media establishment,” the senator told the enthusiastic voters, calling the “virtual tie” a success. “What the American people have said — and by the way, I hear this not just from progressive, I hear from conservatives, I hear it from moderates — and that is we can no longer continue to have a corrupt campaign finance system.”

Instead of using his entire speech to celebrate his campaign’s success in Iowa, Sanders used the opportunity to talk about the progressive reforms he will enact if he is elected to the Oval Office. Moreover, he also noted that when he entered the race last year, he had a rather sparse operation in the state, but the latest results are definite proof that he and his supporters have come a long way.

“We do not represent the interests of the billionaire class, Wall Street, corporate America. We do not want their money. We are the only candidate on the Democratic side without a Super PAC,” the presidential hopeful continued. “And the reason that we have done so well here in Iowa, the reason I believe we're going to do so well in New Hampshire and the other states that follow, the reason is the American people are saying ‘no’ to a rigged economy.”

Besides addressing finance reform, universal health care and environmental protections, Sanders also told his haters that he is now looking forward to the New Hampshire primaries  an announcement that must have unsettled the Clinton campaign.

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton remain in a virtual tie as of writing this article.

Watch the complete speech in the video above.

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