Sanders Doesn’t Think His Ideas Are "Pie In The Sky"

Hillary Clinton has called out Bernie Sanders on making impossible promises — but what about her own ideas?

As is election campaign tradition, Bernie Sanders, like all other candidates, has been facing incredibly pointed criticism from his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton.

But during his campaign stop in Madison, Wednesday, he decided to put a stop to it.

After the former secretary of state described Sanders as a “pie in the sky” politician and questioned his abilities to keep his promises, Sanders claimed she was “dead wrong.” He shot back, in his usual style, pointing out Clinton’s reluctance to take on big corporations.

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The Vermont senator proposes to make multi-nationals accountable for tax evasion, provide a tuition-free college education, rebuild the nation’s infrastructure and increase Social Security and medical leaves.

A leading University of Massachusetts economist, Robert Pollin agrees with Sanders sentiments and believes if he is able to fulfill his objectives, it will “make the economy great again.”

"All of his major proposals are grounded in solid economic reasoning and evidence," Pollin states. He believes the Vermont senator’s project is capable of raising living standards, decreasing insecurity for poor and working class, creating more educational opportunities and reversing the trend of inequality. In essence, Sanders’ plan can make the economy grow “at a healthy rate” and deliver high standards of living for Americans, in ways the U.S. has not experienced in decades.

It is a bit hypocritical of Clinton to call out someone on the “absurdity” of their ideas, when in fact she is the one who has made outrageous statements in the past. Remember the Flint, Michigan, campaign visit, where the former secretary of state claimed to erase all traces of lead from the U.S., just within five years?

Talk about absurd!

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