Sanders Is Not Only A Strong Feminist, He Is Also An Honorary Woman

The Democratic presidential candidate had a rather interesting response to an audience member’s question about his stance on feminism.

Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign found itself at the center of an intense controversy earlier this week, when one of his biggest supporters, rapper Killer Mike, made a sexist dig at Hillary Clinton.

Now, in a possible attempt to do some damage control, the Vermont senator revealed Thursday at a Democratic town hall in Las Vegas, that feminist icon Gloria Steinem had anointed him as an “honorary woman.”

This response came when an audience member asked the Democratic presidential hopeful if he is a feminist.

“I consider myself a strong feminist,” Sanders told a young woman from the audience at the event hosted by MSNBC. “And in fact, Gloria Steinem — everybody knows Gloria is one of the leading feminists in America —made me an honorary woman many, many years ago. I don’t know exactly what that meant, but I accepted it when she came to campaign for me.”

Here’s a clip his response:

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So, does that mean, if elected to the White House, Sanders will be the first “honorary woman” president?

Not to mention, the said feminist luminary who bequeathed Sanders with the esteemed title recently disgraced herself by characterizing the young women who support the senator as being interested in the boys who support him. Her non-apology apology didn’t make things better either.

Meanwhile, abortion-rights group NARAL slammed the senator for failing to prove himself as an “honorary woman.”

“Bernie is a good man, and being a woman means understanding that we need equal pay but that equal pay doesn't buy us much if we can't plan our families,” said NARAL President Ilyse Hogue. “Being a woman means knowing that undoing Citizens United doesn't secure our fundamental freedoms and restore abortion access under assault daily by anti-choice forces in this country.”

She also referenced his efforts to pass legislation mandating equal pay for equal work for women.

“Being a woman means understanding that no man ever had to say 'Hey guys, let's stand together, and vote for a man' because the status quo in this country has supported that for over 200 years,” she added. “Even as an 'honorary woman,' Bernie Sanders doesn't quite get it.”

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