Bernie Sanders Is Rooting For "Brilliant Scientist" Donald Trump

The Democratic presidential hopeful might not be a big fan of the real-estate mogul, but he certainly hopes they come face-to-face in the general election.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump received an unlikely endorsement (well, sort of) at a CNN town hall event in New Hampshire when one of the two remaining Democratic presidential hopefuls admitted they are looking forward to defeating him in the general election.

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, who has criticized Trump’s inflammatory remarks against Mexicans and Muslims in the past, told moderator Anderson Cooper on Wednesday that he likes his odds against the former reality TV star.

“Frankly, I'm prejudiced, I want Trump to win the Republican nomination,” Sanders told the Democratic presidential forum. “And I would love the opportunity to run against him. I think we would win by a lot.”

He then went on to slam the billionaire for suggesting Mexicans are rapists and proposing to prohibit Muslims from entering the United States. Sanders also mocked Trump for his absurd and bizarre views on wages and climate change.

“Trump in a Republican debate said wages are too high in America. Really?” the senator continued. “Here's the other one that kind of blows me away: Trump is a scientist, a well-known scientist. And he has concluded, after years of studying the issue, that climate change is a hoax brought to you by the Chinese. Now that shocked me, Anderson, because I thought he'd say the Mexicans or the Muslims.”

Apparently, along with being a xenophobe, serial liar, bigot and racist, now Trump is also a brilliant scientist — which is justified; after all, he did tweet this gem of knowledge:


For those unaware, Trump has also expressed his desire to face-off against Sanders in the general election.

“This guy Bernie Sanders, give me a break,” Trump said at a campaign rally last month. "We haven't even focused on, I mean here's a guy who's a — they say socialist, but some people say he's a communist. I shouldn't hit him too hard though, because if I hit him too hard then he'll go down, and it'll be a fight with Hillary, and maybe we want a fight for a while. So I'll say, 'Isn't he a wonderful guy?'”

Meanwhile, since no one trumps Trump and gets out unscathed, the Republican presidential candidate took to Twitter and asserted that Sanders does not really want to run against him.


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