DeVos Financially Backed GOP Senators Who Confirmed Her

There is an entire list of Republican senators who received payments from Betsy DeVos and her family. And nearly all of them confirmed her.

Mike Pence

Betsy DeVos, billionaire heiress, lacks experience in public education.

Betsy DeVos never even attended a public school — neither did her children.

Betsy DeVos failed to understand — let alone answer — a very basic question about whether growth or proficiency was a better way to judge group of students during her confirmation hearing.

Betsy DeVos supports programs to promote so-called conversion therapy.

Betsy DeVos believes guns should be allowed on campus to protect children from “potential grizzlies.”

Betsy DeVos could potentially be the least-qualified education secretary in the history of the United States.

Yet, thanks to the Republican-controlled Senate, DeVos was confirmed as the new head of the Department of Education, and her confirmation is raising a lot of eyebrows. 

After all, the DeVos family has massively donated to the GOP over the years, especially to almost all the Republican senators who eventually confirmed her.

 She managed to bag a position she is wholly unfit for and not just any position — she is going to be in charge of the country’s public school system, for crying out loud.

The Huffington Post reports: “Sitting Republican senators have received $115,000 from Betsy DeVos herself, and more than $950,000 from the full DeVos clan since 1980. In the past two election cycles alone, her family has donated $8.3 million to Republican Party super PACs.”

Of all the Republican senators who approved DeVos, Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), who received a lot of praise for grilling Trump’s secretary of state pick, Rex Tillerson, during his confirmation hearing because Rubio was “prepared to do what's right,” — accepted more than any other senator, $98,300, from DeVos and her family members.

So, while it’s appalling, it’s not surprising why Republican senators OK'd DeVos despite everything.

Now our nation's children will pay the price. 

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Mike Theiler

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