Betsy DeVos Said Schools Can Choose To Call ICE On Immigrant Students

When asked about immigrants in U.S. classrooms being detained by ICE officials, DeVos answered in a way that shows she has no idea what the law says.

U.S. Secretary Of Education Betsy DeVos.

There’s little compassion from Betsy DeVos when it comes to students who are undocumented immigrants in the United States — even as she says the trait plays into her thoughts about the subject.

While discussing how districts should handle undocumented immigrants in their hallways, specifically looking at whether local governments should call Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials, DeVos provided an answer to the House Education and the Workforce Committee that had little to do with being compassionate at all.

“I think that’s a school decision, it’s a local community decision,” she suggested, deferring her department’s duty to provide a sound answer on the issue. “I refer to the fact that we have laws and we also are compassionate.”

DeVos further suggested that the committee she was speaking with should come up with an answer instead.

“I urge this body to do its job and address and clarify where there is confusion around this,” she said.

That may seem a reasonable answer to some who are unfamiliar with the subject. But DeVos, who suggests we follow the laws that are already established on the issue of immigrants in classrooms, should know better. After all, the Supreme Court has ruled that immigrants in our nation’s schools are entitled to receiving a public education if they’re enrolled in a local school district.

We already knew DeVos would be an incompetent secretary of the Department of Education. But stating that we should follow the laws already on the books regarding student immigrants — and then indicating that she’s wholly unaware of what those laws state — really takes the cake.

DeVos should educate herself about how the law treats children who are undocumented immigrants in our nation’s schools. She should then consider what the word “compassionate” really means — because her answer to the House committee did not exemplify its true definition.

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