Islamophobe Records Himself Spraying Stain Remover At Hijabi Woman

A man recorded himself blatantly spraying a Muslim woman wearing a headscarf with a stain remover in the United Kingdom.

It’s 2018 and stories of oppression against people of color and different faiths still make headlines — and people from well-developed, educated countries are mostly the perpetrators of these hate crimes. 

In a blatant display of discrimination, a man who appears to be white recorded himself spraying “vanish” stain remover at a Muslim woman wearing a headscarf. The bigot probably wanted to imply that all Muslims are “stained” or “dirty.”

In the footage, the unidentified man can be seen focusing the stain remover bottle, saying “Let’s see if this f***ing thing works.” He then went behind the Muslim woman and sprayed at her from the back.

All of this was happening at a supermarket, where more Muslim women were also seen shopping.

The woman who was targeted by this extremist apparently didn’t realize she had been assaulted or probably, in an attempt to ignore the man spewing hate, continued with her grocery shopping.

The man then turned the camera towards himself, before saying, “No, no it don’t f***ing work,” as the clip ends.

The video was uploaded online, irking people on social media. They were disgusted with what they had seen. Some people termed this incident as racist, others clarified that Muslims were not a race.


“A British man stalks Muslim women in a supermarket, spaying them with ‘Vanish.’ While I'm hesitant to give oxygen to this racist's hate, it does illustrate the increasing marginalization and stigmatization Muslims now face. Funny how these far-right cowards almost always target Muslim women, never the men,” wrote journalist CJ Werleman on Facebook.

It is still unclear where the footage was recorded. The man in the video has also not been identified yet and hence has not been arrested.

A report from last year discovered Muslim women were increasingly encountering Islamophobia in the UK.  According to the findings, women wearing Islamic clothing were more likely to be abused or attacked in the country.

This year, sickening photos of letters encouraging people to take part in attacking Muslims on April 3 emerged online. People were encouraged to participate in a disgusting "Punish a Muslim Day."

This prompted local media communities warning Muslim people, especially hijab-wearing women, to stay indoors.  

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