Thousands Of Bikers Show Up At 5-Year-Old’s Funeral Procession

To honor the death of a 5-year-old motorcycle fan, thousands of bikers turned up at the funeral to pay their respects.


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Posted by Cassandra Fleury on Saturday, March 12, 2016


Five-year-old Hunter Weiss was a huge fan of bikes, but unfortunately could not live long enough to grow up into a biker boy. He died in a truck accident at his grandparent's home on March 7, according to Greater Salt Lake Unified Police Detective Chuck Malm.

However, a simple idea by Weiss’ father made his funeral memorable and absolutely fitting, as hordes of bikers turned up at the burial ceremony to honor the little boy’s passion for motorcycles and to pay their respects.

It all started when Weiss’ father requested a few of the child’s friends belonging to a motorcycle club to be a part of the funeral procession. The aim was to honor his love for motorcycles, but as the word got around, he was rather surprised to see thousands of bikers ride into the funeral in what seemed like a never-ending procession.

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"We expected maybe 100, 200 bikes," Weiss’s aunt Kara told ABC News. "Over 2,000 bikes came. The amount of bandannas that were on his casket was amazing.”

She also used the words “emotional” and “unreal” to describe the ceremony.

The act by Weiss’s friends and all the other bikers who turned up at the funeral is absolutely heartwarming and just goes to show that in a world of hate, some people are even willing to do kind deeds for strangers.

Surely, it must have made the little boy smile. 

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