Photos Advertising Thousands Of ‘Bikers For Trump’ Are Probably Fake

Trump supporters are sharing photos of thousands of bikers making their way to Washington, D.C., for the inauguration. But it’s not what it seems.

President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration day is fast-approaching and nobody — seriously, nobody — is more excited about it than Trump himself.


His supporters are sharing photos of thousands of bikers driving down to Washington, D.C., for Trump’s big day, but sadly the images are fake because they are old photos, with some recycled from other events.

Chris Cox, the founder of the group Bikers For Trump in an interview with Fox & Friends, said more than 5,000 bikers would be present at the inauguration ceremony, and would form a “wall of meat” to ward off any anti-Trump protestors that try to create problems.

He stated he had already requested from the National Parks Service for 5,000 bikers to gather at John Marshall Park on Jan. 20, and that, although, the request had been approved, the permit was still under process.

However, a statement from Mike Litterst, the spokesperson for the National Park Service, is quite contradictory to what Cox stated.

“We process requests in the order in which they were received, first come, first serve,” Litterst said.

Until now, only one permit for a pro-Trump group — “Let America Hear Us, Roar for Trump!” — has been issued for 20 people. A second permit for a pro-Trump group of 5,000 is also under processing.

He also added a permit for the American Constitution Society, a progressive organization, has been issued for around 50,000 people, and Bikers For Trump was nowhere in the list.

Interestingly, determined Trump supporters are sharing old photos of people in large groups on bikes on social media, claiming  they’re the #BikersForTrump on their way to the inauguration.

A YouTube video, titled “BIKERS FOR TRUMP DC BOUND 2017,” has also surfaced but it is clear that the clip is of a bike run for the Marines Toys for Tots program in Louisville, Kentucky.

Even Katie Hopkins, the notorious British television commentator, who has a whopping 673,000 followers on Twitter, posted a fake photo of the “bikers” saying “Go you good things #BikersForTrump — helping Make America Great Again *packs leathers & vaseline*.”



The above picture is also being shared under the name of Bikers For Trump but in reality is a photo that has been circulating on pro-Trump sites since April 2016.


An observant Twitter user made it clear that the above photo is also “fake news” in Trump’s words as he wrote, “Gosh, is it summer already? Trees have lots of leaves I them. Another #trump miracle?”


“Why are you posting an image from 2013?” said a comment on the above picture.

Other anti-Trump internet users are using the hashtag to share photos to poke fun at the cause.





Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Alan Freed

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