Bill Clinton Apparently Thinks “We Are All Mixed-Race People”

The man who was known as “first black president” in political circles offered some ill-advised commentary during wife Hillary Clinton’s campaign rally.

Memphis, Tennessee — Bill Clinton just gave Tennessee a lesson in human genealogy.

During a campaign rally for Democratic presidential candidate and spouse Hillary Clinton, the former U.S. president took the stage to downplay the significance of President Barack Obama's presidency and told the crowd we are all a little African American.

“The other thing I want to make a funny comment about is Steve Cohen's remark that I was just a stand-in for the first black president,” Bill Clinton told the supporters in Memphis. “I'm happy to do that, but you know what else we learned from the human genome? We learned that unless your ancestors, every one of you, are 100%, 100% from sub-Saharan Africa, we are all mixed-race people.”

He then went on to give Obama credit for doing “a better job than he has gotten credit for,” but added the president was not doing enough to fix the problem with Washington gridlock.

“A lot of people say you don’t understand, it’s rigged now,” Clinton remarked. “Yeah, it’s rigged now because you don’t have a president that’s a change-maker.”

For those unaware, Clinton was sometimes referred to as the “first black president” in his political circles because his candidacy brought so many African American voters to the polls.  However, as well-intentioned as his point may be, he seems a little confused between the science of genetics and construction of race in society, which are two entirely different concepts.

In other words, everyone is treated to a different standard when it comes to their skin color or perceived race. The genetic similarities and distinctions don’t really matter in our modern social environment.

He also praised Hillary Clinton for being “the best change-maker” he has known.

“She’s always making something good happen,” he continued.

Watch the video above for Bill Clinton’s complete commentary.

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