Bill Clinton Will Use Superdelegate Vote To Back Sanders If He Wins

Bill Clinton promised to support Bernie Sanders if the candidate wins, citing he used his superdelegate vote to back Barack Obama in 2008.

In a surprising interview with New York Daily News during a campaign stop, Clinton dispelled criticism and declared he would vote for who the people choose — not where his own allegiance lies. Political pundits have reasonably called to bar superdelegates with clear ties to the candidates from voting in the primary. 

“Last time I did what my candidate asked. I voted for Barack Obama,” Clinton said.

The former president’s remarks strikingly contrast recent reports stating six superedelegates in New York pledged to support Hillary Clinton despite how Sanders fares in the primary.

Clinton’s statement could very well be disingenuous and a rather clear attempt to squelch controversy. Yet as the Democratic establishment remains unwavering in their loyalty to Hillary Clinton, it is refreshing to see her own husband vow to stand with the people's choice and not the politicians'.

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