Bill Maher, Bari Weiss Shamelessly Mock Palestinians For Gaza Massacre

It's astounding how Bill Maher has been able to keep his HBO show despite several displays of blatant racism and Islamophobia.


How much more vitriol does Bill Maher have to spew for HBO to realize he is an unapologetic bigot?

In yet another shameless display of blatant bigotry, Bill Maher, joined by New York Times Opinion staff editor Bari Weiss, blamed Palestinians for the mass killings of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

First, some facts: Palestinians near the Israel-Gaza border had been demonstrating since March 30 for the return of Palestinian refugees. The protesters were largely unarmed. Yet, they were met by brutal force for merely coming towards the Israeli fence. In nearly 20 days, Israeli forces killed over 100 Palestinians protesters, including an eight-month-old baby, and wounded over 2,000 others.

Yet, Maher and Weiss had the nerve to suggest Palestinians are responsible for their own massacre.

“This week we opened the American embassy in Jerusalem which did cause a riot, as predicted, and of course people are blaming both sides,” Maher started off, prompting Weiss to disagree immediately.

“Bill, I love you, but the riots were not caused by the embassy move,” she said. “They’re not linked. When Hamas attacked Israel in 2008, when Hamas attacked Israel in 2012, when it attacked Israel in 2014, the embassy was in Tel Aviv all of those times… They intentionally moved up the day so that it would coincide with the day of the embassy move so that we would all be disgusted and heartbroken when we saw this horrible split-screen of Ivanka Trump, looking like she was at a country club, next to poor, desperate people dying in Gaza.”

For starters, the protests weren't "moved." They had been going on since March 30. Israel had been shooting at protesters days before the U.S. embassy was moved to Jerusalem, so, Weiss' argument that Palestinians "planned" split images is not only incorrect but also inhuman.

Secondly, any person with an iota of human conscience does not need a split image of Ivanka Trump to feel "disgusted" and "heartbroken" over loss of human life.

Also, Weiss mentioned Hamas' attacks in 2008, 2012 and 2014, but she carefully ignored how Israel attacked innocent civilians with brutal force, killing thousands of people, including hundreds of children.

Predictably, Maher agreed with the horrid statement, saying, “They planned that. Absolutely.”

“Right,” added Weiss. “And I’m just saying, let’s not fall for a trap that is being set by a theocratic, authoritarian group that are sending women and children to be human shields.”

Again, there was no attack. There were no human shields.

There were protesters demanding Palestinians refugees' right to return. Israel indiscriminately shot at journalists and medics. Were they human shields too?

Of course, not.

This brand of bigotry is not new coming from Maher. He has a long history of making Islamophobic remarks. He even used a racial slur on his show.

What is surprising, though, is how Maher has been able to get away with all of it and still managed to keep his show.

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