Bill O’Reilly Thinks "Muslims Are Treated Pretty Well" In America

The political analyst just couldn’t comprehend the need to discuss Muslim issues when discrimination is almost nonexistent in the United States.

Some people are just ignorant. Then there’s Bill O’Reilly.

The renowned TV host was discussing Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton’s roundtable at University of Southern California, Los Angeles, where she cautioned students against the “hot rhetoric” about the American Muslim community that is “not in keeping with our values” and “plays into the hands of terrorists.”

“I think it's important that we hear these voices, not just the hot rhetoric and the demagoguery that I think is either not useful or reflective of who we are as a people,” the former secretary of state said Thursday night, rebutting the hateful rhetoric from the GOP candidates. “It is not only often offensive, but dangerous.”

While she had a valid point, O’Reilly just couldn’t bring himself to agree with her — mainly because he couldn’t understand why the White House hopeful would discuss such issues when Islamophobia isn’t that big of a deal in the country.

“I think that, in America, Muslims are treated pretty well,” the political commentator exclaimed. “I mean, we don’t have any big Muslim problems here.”

Although he believes authorities should be “vigilant” when they find out there’s “a mosque with a vigilant imam,” he is apparently not on board with Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz’s outrageous plan about NYPD “swarming into Muslim neighborhoods” for patrols.

Clearly, someone needs to read up on current affairs  or Donald Trump and Ted Cruz’s recent inflammatory statements, at the very least.

Watch the complete segment in the video above.

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