Someone In NC Spent $2,000 For This Sexist Billboard From The 1600s

“We're not supportive of or in opposition to the message," he said. "We're just the messenger."

A billboard in North Carolina is causing legions of people — both in person and online — to do double-takes in disbelief, thanks to its archaic message.

The seven-word message is now at the center of a media firestorm.

The billboard along a Winston-Salem, N.C., highway reads, “Real men provide. Real women appreciate it.”


The billboard was leased by an anonymous group for 30 days. 

Bill Whiteheart, president of the advertising company that owns the billboard, said that it cost $2,000 and was rented by someone who wants to remain anonymous. He further added that his company doesn’t oppose or support the message.

“We’re not supportive of or in opposition to the message. We’re just the messenger,” said Whiteheart.

A lot of residents took the message on the billboard rather personally as they plan to hold a protest this weekend. A Facebook page created by boutique owner Molly Grace shows details of the protest.

“I take it as a very deliberate jab at women who demand equality and demand to be seen as equals and those who are vocal. To me, it’s also a very blatant statement about wanting to silence women and tell them to accept the way that things are,” she said.

“The sentiment that has upset SO many the notion that these roles, on the billboard at least, are limited by their assigned gender,” she added.

Besides giving information about the protest, the Facebook page is also serving as a platform for debate, where some people argue that the term is disrespectful toward men who don’t support their families and some people are saying that sign is derogatory for single women.

“I would assume if you had a husband that loves you and appreciates you and showed it enough to carry your family and kids, that you would appreciate it. I don’t know why that would be offensive,” said Nathan Walin, a resident of the city.

The billboard gathered mixed reactions on Twitter.






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