Billboard On Road To Mar-a-Lago Asks For Trump's Impeachment

President Donald Trump will soon be seeing a huge billboard asking for his impeachment next time he's taken to his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida.

Protesters hold anti-Trump signs and a doll of the president and Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

There's a movement to impeach President Donald Trump and the group is now using a billboard to get its message across — right on a road that leads to the president’s Mar-a-Lago resort.



The group seeking to impeach the president known as Campaign to Impeach Donald Trump has close to 1.2 million supporters. On Thursday, they launched a billboard paid by small donations and placed it on Southern Boulevard, which leads to Mar-a-Lago, that states: “No one is above the law. Not even the president.” The billboard also contains the campaign's website.

The campaign has been leading a petition effort against the president, and they claim that the goal of putting up a billboard is to simply remind Trump that he isn't above the law. Groups behind this campaign include Free Speech for People and

In a statement, the national coordinator for, Norman Solomon, said that “[m]omentum for impeachment is accelerating at the grassroots.”

“As nationwide polling reflects, support for impeachment among the American people is vastly more widespread than what exists on Capitol Hill right now. It’s time for Members of Congress to catch up with the public,” he concluded.

While the billboard launch made the national news, this isn't the only group asking for the president’s impeachment.

Democrats and other groups have also stepped up their efforts over time, with Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) announcing he would introduce articles of impeachment after the president failed to properly respond to the violence in Charlottesville. Thanks to his refusal to blame one side for the deadly aggression, he has been harshly criticized and called out for "boosting" the white nationalist agenda.

With so many groups working on different efforts to bring the Trump administration to an end, it's safe to say that the movement will only continue to grow from now on.

Still, something tells us the president will continue to ignore it, blaming the media for amplifying the voices of his critics.

Banner and thumbnail image credit: Reuters/Joshua Roberts

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