White Woman Hits Black Actor On The Head, Calls Him The N-Word

“Today I was physically and verbally assaulted by a young white woman, here in Reno, Nevada in broad daylight,” the actor announced on his Facebook page.

An African-American Broadway actor was allegedly assaulted by a white woman who repeatedly hurled the n-word at him.

Elijah Ahmad Lewis, who is a resident of New York but had traveled to Reno, Nevada, to perform at his play “Motown: The Musical,” claimed he was assaulted by a woman for no reason — except for the color of his skin.

The actor posted a video on his Facebook page Wednesday stating he was “physically and verbally assaulted by a young white woman… in broad daylight” when he stepped out for lunch. The woman started calling him names, which initially Lewis ignored, and then she started following him around. According to the actor, the woman suddenly attacked him and hit him on the head. Lewis then pushed her away and quickly took out his cell phone to record her. Seeing she was being taped, the woman hit Lewis again, causing him to drop his phone.

She then started walking away, calling “Do not record me, you f****** n*****.”

As Lewis continued to tape her, she rounded once again on him, repeatedly calling him the n-word. Lewis then quickly made his escape.

The actor posted the video on his social media page claiming he wanted to show that the woman was fairly young and that racism knows no age limits. He also filed a complaint with the police, who are now looking for the racist woman.

Hearing of the incident, Reno City Mayor Hillary Schieve also commented:

"I was incredibly disturbed; I just want to make it very clear the city will not tolerate hate and also we need to spread more love and kindness among each other. 'Motown: The Musical' is in town and I urge you to go and see it and see this wonderful performer named Elijah,” she added to a local newspaper, Reno Gazette-Journal.

Bob Fulkerson, state director of the Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada, said the video shows a clear "act of personal racism based on skin color."

"It’s no secret that since the election of President Trump, hate-motivated violence and harassment of people of color has dramatically increased,” he said.

However, the Reno police disagree with this statement, saying they had not witnessed an increase in harassment reports and that the incident was unusual.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Kevin Lamarque

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