Black Lawyer Finds Noose Hanging In Yard: 'This Is America In 2017'

Jamelia Morgan took to Twitter to share a photo of a noose she discovered hanging from a tree in her front yard in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

African-American attorney Jamelia Morgan discovered a noose hanging from a tree in the front yard of her Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, home on Tuesday.

Morgan is a staff attorney with the Abolitionist Law Center where she litigates prison conditions cases and cases to end solitary confinement, according to the center’s website.

She’s also connected closely with the ACLU, working on the organization’s Stop Solitary campaign and authoring a 2017 ACLU report titled "Caged In: Solitary Confinement’s Devastating Harms on Prisoners with Physical Disabilities."

Even with years of accolades and noble community contributions under her belt, Morgan found herself targeted with racism and hate.

Morgan took to Twitter to share a photo of the noose, seeking assistance from the local NAACP branch and tagging the mayor of Pittsburgh, Bill Peduto, to notify him of the horrifying ordeal.

In response to a follower, Morgan said that she has filed a complaint and is taking the incident to the media to draw attention and awareness to the racially-charged harassment.

While further details have yet to emerge, Morgan has received an outpouring of support from her followers since sharing her experience.

While it's comforting to see so many people denouncing this disgusting behavior and showing solidarity with Morgan, it's also incredibly troubling that someone in her community — right under her nose — would leave this threatening message on her property.

To have to go out into the public not knowing who is responsible for leaving the contraption would make it very difficult to trust anyone's intentions.

Nevertheless, she is handling the situation with poise and resilience, taking the necessary steps to expose the racism looming over her city in hopes of driving it out.

Banner/Thumbnail Photo Credit: Flickr, Fraser Mummery

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